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Post Emmy’s Tacos

drake and teyana taylor dating 2013 As the Uber driver in a black Kia Forte pulled up to 900 Vine in West Hollywood,  I glanced back at the line of the taco stand to see where the woman in the glamorous red dress stood in relation to the window where you place an order.

find out here “How the hell did he get here so fast?” I said to myself.  Thirty seconds at 1:30 am on a Sunday night in West Hollywood? The fact of the matter was, Uber and I had been having issues all weekend. Lost drivers, three-minute waits that turned into 15. Shared rides that, due to my inexperience, should have been shared but weren’t. My first weekend depending on Uber had been quite an adventure. And now here I was with my Emmy date in line for tacos and my Uber driver promptly here like superUber.

http://atelierdeschimeres.fr/etiquette-produit/vigne/?orderby=price-desc “Hey, that was fast! We’re in line for tacos and might be another few minutes, do you want to cancel the request?” I asked the driver.

nous 2 site de rencontre “Nah, I’m good. I’ll just pull up back here and hang out. Take your time,” said the dark-haired man in his late twenties.

http://sman8jkt.sch.id/buga/1735 I looked back to the  Cactus Taqueria from the corner and saw the following scene:

betnovate tube price taco-1

My Emmy date in her red dress, barefoot at the window placing her order. What you don’t see is that I’m wearing tuxedo. I think by this time I’d ditched the bow-tie to a pocket. Needless to say, we stuck out just a little bit on this particular street corner in the early morning hours in LA.

We’d been driven to the taco stand by a friend who was headed home.

When I noticed that my date in the red dress was shoeless, I realized she’d left her shoes in our friend’s car. In the interest of expediency, courtesy to the Uber driver and simply just to not forget, I went to the car and got them out and started carrying them around.


So if you’re with me here, there’s a lovely 6-ft tall woman waiting for tacos in a beautiful red dress, there’s me in a tux walking around with a pair of glittery 5-inch heals and then there’s all of the usual suspects of a taco stand in West Hollywood at 1:30 am on a Sunday night.

As my lady in red stood and talked with our friend, I found myself cornered by another patron asking about the Emmy’s and where I was from, etc. I excused myself when I heard the order of tacos being called out and headed over to reconnect with the other two.

As I neared, a man standing behind me said, “You’re a good man.”


I turned and a guy was standing behind me sort of shaking his head.

“Thanks, but what makes you say that?” I queried.

“I would’t be carrying those shoes. You’re a good man,” he repeated.

I laughed. “A man has gotta do what he’s gotta do,” I offered.

“Oh I get it!” he laughingly said.

I laughed again.

“Ha, I don’t think you do,” I thought to myself. He had no idea the story behind these shoes, this date, the situation at all.

He had no idea that I’d spent a few hours shopping for those shoes over the last couple of days or how’d they made my date arguable the tallest woman at the Emmys that night! He didn’t have a clue that we weren’t in a ‘relationship’ and holding shoes wasn’t an attempt at doing what needed to be done to insure getting laid. He had no idea that my date was more comfortable at Burning Man than the glitz and glamour of Hollywood though she pulled it off in stunning fashion. There was a good chance those shoes would never even be worn again. Nope, he had no clue.

So I laughed it off. As I considered how many other times people have had no clue, we piled into the Uber and headed to Santa Monica. Once there we got back into our taco eating clothes and we ate tacos, chips and guacamole. We talked and lamented how fast the weekend had gone and how much it sucked to be leaving California in morning. With a ‘good night’ we fell asleep.

The stranger from the corner did have one thing right though. At that moment, for different reasons entirely, I had felt like a good man.




I make lots of mistakes

Red Knobs

Red Knobs

I don’t want to say I bought a stove because it had red knobs, but it certainly didn’t hurt.

And like the knob above says, I sometimes wonder if I was “high” when I decided to put a gourmet stove in my kitchen. I mean, come on, think about it, shiny stainless steel, two ovens, red knobs with high-contrast white lettering, those cast iron grates that could break your toe if you dropped one on your foot. Did you hear me? Two ovens! I mean, how many frozen pizzas could I cook at one time in that thing! I never found out.  I think they were both used at the same time for pies one time, but that had nothing to do with me.

I’d like to say that over the years I’ve gotten an extraordinary amount of enjoyment our of an appliance that cost probably 10 times what I could have gotten away with and I could’ve taken two or three incredible vacations with the funds. The truth is, every can of soup I cooked on the damn thing probably cost me $2 just in “gourmet stove tax” over six years.

I can probably justify that I get some of the cost of the stove back when I sell the house, but it certainly isn’t dollar-for-dollar. Was a $9,500 stove a mistake. Probably.

I’ve made plenty of those types of mistakes over the years. TV and advertising does a fantastic job of showing us the potential of an item and we then assume, with little hesitation, that we will use that item to its “incredible” potential.

Need to relieve back pain? Try this “anti-gravity” contraption. Not only will it fix your back but you can do upside down sit ups and have god-like abs in no time – if it doesn’t kill your back.

Almost everything I’ve bought over the years was predicated by me thinking I would be using it to its highest potential. The bright red Kitchen Aide mixer? Never made a damn thing with it. Soon to be sold at a garage sale having never been plugged in.

That floor steam-cleaning thing used once and worked like crap? Its yours for $5. Maybe you can figure it out.

How about that router that was going to jazz up some of my woodwork? Clean as the day it was bought. Someone needs it, I’m certain.

It’s not to say that I don’t use things I buy because I do. I think the conclusion I’ve come to is that I rarely use things to the potential or to the extent I convinced myself I would at the time of making the purchase.

There are exemptions of course and I think this is critical for me to think about as I am jettisoning possessions.

Like I’ve mentioned in a previous post I have to keep my cameras, but not all the associated gadgets. I absolutely love electric toothbrushes as does my dentist (or perhaps not, since he doesn’t get to fill my teeth.)

I’ve always hated mopping the floor and never felt like it got truly clean until – yes laugh if you want to – I bought the Shark Sonic Duo off an infomercial. The damn thing works and works well and as long as I’m residing in a place that requires floor cleaning I will have one!

It’s not that there aren’t possessions that do add value to ones life at a reasonable cost. It’s that they are shockingly low in number of when I look at all of the items I have lying around my home. And certainly there are things that are really valuable when you need them like say a hammer.

To be honest, right now, I don’t care if I ever need a hammer again. If I do, I’m not afraid to ask to borrow one.  At the same time, I’m a guy and I feel conditioned to have some tools around for some reason, so I probably will for a while.

This weekend I will begin really making piles of stuff. One pile “for sale,” another “donations,” yet another for “trash.” I hope my reasoning for items going into each pile is sounder than the reasoning that brought them into my home in the first place.

Yes, I’ve made mistakes, but this was not one of them:

Slap your troubles away.



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